Amateur Radio Station

Photo Album

I would like to share the following pictures with you.
My Shack in Vero Beach, FL. Radio is a Kenwood TS-2000 with Tokyo Hy-Power HL-450B amplifier into a 5 band, 4-element Mosley Beam approximately 50 feet. Also enjoy collecting vintage equipment. In Bethany Beach, DE I operate an Elecraft K3 with an KPA500 Solid State Amplifier.
This is my collection of vintage equipment, all in good working order. Collection includes a Gonset G-28, Gonset G-50, Heathkit "Tower" and "Sixer" and a D-104 mic. I also have a Heathkit Antenna Tuner SA-2060A. I operated a G-50 and "Twoer" when I was first liscensed in the 1960's.